Beautiful, Personalized Wedding Postage

When it comes to weddings there is one thing that we all appreciate. And they is customization. Until recently there were only a few ways to give our envelopes a personal feel. One was a custom return address label. But what if you could get even more personalization on your invitations? We’ll you can and it won’t cost you more than the standard postage rate. Though it you want stamps with a higher value you can get them just as easily. Here are some examples of some of the stamps you have at your disposal. There are thousands of other examples that can be just as easily customized.

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for make sure to use the search feature. We have postage stamps that will fit just about any color scheme of theme you just need to look.

We’ve categorized the postage in easy to browse categories. The postage you see here is sold in sheets just like the stamps you buy from the post office. All stamps are USPS approved and ready to be sent.