Why Choose Custom Rustic Wedding Invitation Postage?

There are plenty of great reasons why you would want to pick out the right invitation for the theme of wedding you’re celebrating. But why would you go through the added hassle* of making your own postage.

*To be fair there is no real hassle involved when you go and create a custom stamp for your wedding invitation envelope. The fact that you can create your own stamp should leave most of you amazed. Granted the ability to customize your own stamps has been going strong for a number of years already but it hasn’t spread to all aspects of the market. Wedding invitations and the related options have been popular for many years already. And there are thousands of unique styles and options to choose from. We did a quick search and were offered thousands of different examples. Here is one of the rustic invitations we liked best. We didn’t have any reference to go by when we picked it out.

rustic horse shoe wedding invitationWedding horseshoes

The rustic invitation above features some of the most common qualities that you would expect from this style of wedding. As you can see it creates a nice warm atmosphere that gives you the simple charm of country life with the beauty you want for you wedding invitation.

I selected this invitation for you today so that you could see the different ways you can match country themes found in your wedding invitations with those that we offer in custom wedding postage. Notice how the colors play a big role in getting the right rustic look, the same colors play an equally important role in matching the invitation with the stamps. This aspect creates a complimentary detail that ties the outside of your envelope together with what is inside. When you pick a compliment, you are getting the most out of both your aspects of the invitation.

As you can see we are able to provide you with options that highlight many of the most popular designs you’ll find. The invitations above uses a burlap and lace motif to set the tone for your rustic wedding. When you browse the stamps that we have put together on this page you will find that this is an easy design to match.

Of course each invitation is different, and no two rustic weddings are the same. But when you know what design elements you want to focus on finding the fitting stamp is easy. Within a few minutes of browsing the horseshoe wedding postage section we easily found three stamps that would work well with this invitation. Here they are. And if it is easy why wouldn’t you want to complete the look.

We have combined the most popular and common styles of postage together so that you don’t have to search long before you find the fitting stamp for your envelopes. In fact we selected a more complicated match for the contents of today’s experiment. For simpler invitations, or ones with a less rustic theme you can easily find the fitting option and customize it to fit your needs.

While the stamps come in three sizes small medium and large, the medium size is appropriate for most envelopes. Still you can created interesting effects with different combinations. For example, a large stamp on a small envelope creates a diminutive effect that works well with certain styles. The opposite can also be said for a large envelope with a small stamp. This creates the impression of a large and important, which your wedding is, correspondence. For a good middle ground, and a less drastic effect you should, however, choose a medium sized stamp. The price is minimally more than a small stamp and slightly less than a large one. And the overall prince size is slightly larger, this is important if you want to include more details or have a larger graphic you want to feature.

We also have a wide range of stamps in popular styles for you to choose from. In fact we have more than 75 unique and easy to browse sections, here are some of the most popular ones for you to enjoy.

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